Baby Exchange Store Credit Policy

Baby Exchange Buying / Trading Policy

The Baby Exchange


Please understand that our credit/cash policy is slightly different than other resale shops because over half of our inventory is brand new items with a very small profit margin. Because of this unique situation, we offer two types of Credit. 

"Store Credit" which is good on absolutely everything in the store including all new gear and hand-made items. You get "Store Credit" by accepting the higher credit amount instead of the cash that was offered to you upon selling.

We also offer "Clothing Credit". Clothing Credit is issued when we accept out of season clothing, clothing with a little more wear or items we have an overabundance of, this "Clothing Credit"can be used on small accessories and small brand new items, like hair bows, clips etc. as well as any clothing, shoes, movies, books, some baby carriers & smaller toys. All store credits expire 1 year from the last date used. Credits are refreshed for another year, every time they are used  :)

Thank you for your understanding!

El Cajon Location
450 Fletcher Parkway
El Cajon, CA 92020
(619) 441-1210

We buy new and gently used children and maternity clothing ranging from preemie to kids size 8.  We're looking for in-season, high demand, name brand clothing in excellent condition. We may offer just store credit on clothing with a little more wear, items we have an overabundance of, or out of season clothing.

All clothing must be brought in freshly laundered and laid flat in a box, bin or basket (no bags please) and free of any rips, stains, holes, fading or excessive wear. To maintain quality and keep up with current trends, we do not buy clothing more than a few years old. You will get paid the most money if you bring your toys in clean with fresh batteries and your baby equipment clean with all parts and pieces (trays, accessories, toys). We do not accept recalled items or any baby gear older than 5 years. We do pay more for 2 piece outfits and name brands; however, we also accept every day brands such as Target clothing.

We Always Pay CASH for These Types of Items 
Equipment, toys, bassinets, walkers, jumparoos, saucers, Bumbos, strollers, highchairs, toddler carseats, pack-n-plays, etc.

Three Main Factors are Used to Determine What We Pay

​     -  The item's cleanliness & condition
     -  Our current stock of the item
​     -  
The current public demand & popularity for similar items sold in past